We’re sad to be reporting this but unfortunately there were some serious incidents last night around Dewsbury, West Yorkshire where numerous Taxi drivers were attacked and robbed at Knifepoint.
A group of Thugs on Bikes were stopping Taxi drivers and then robbing them at Knifepoint!
There seemed to be a coordinated attack on Taxi drivers throughout the area and it’s shocking to see this kind of behavior in our Town.
PLEASE get in touch if you happened to see anything that might help us catch the Culprits!

As you can imagine, the Drivers are extremely shook up and it’s a real shame we have to be reporting this at this current time especially with everything else that is going on.

The last few months have been extremely tough for all Taxi Drivers and the last thing they need is to be worried about their safety at work.

Stay Extra Safe,

Adam Khan
Abbey Swift Taxis

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